**Application for Certificate of Entry to Thailand for non-Thai nationals**

**Application for Certificate of Entry to Thailand for non-Thai nationals**

22 Aug 2020

 **Application for Certificate of Entry to Thailand for non-Thai nationals**

Foreigners in the UK and Ireland wishing to go to Thailand can check if they meet the requirements at https://london.thaiembassy.org/en/publicservice/requirements-for-foreigners-travelling-to-thailand

Foreigners in the UK and Ireland who meet the above requirements can apply for the Certificate of Entry (COE) through the online application system at https://coethailand.mfa.go.th/

Each passenger has to register and apply individually. Parents can apply for their children. 

For COVID-19 insurance, applicants can buy UK/Irish or Thai insurance. For the list of companies that offer COVID-19 insurance, please see https://covid19.tgia.org/

**Please check the travel measures announced by the UK/Irish governments before you plan your trip to Thailand.**

Click here to see the advice of the UK government.

Passengers can buy air tickets directly from the airlines' websites or through travel agencies.

They have to book ASQ hotels for quarantine for 15 nights. For the list of ASQ booking, please click

- Passengers arriving in Suvarnabhumi Airport can also choose to stay for quarantine at ALQ hotel in Chonburi and Prachinburi.

- Passengers arriving in Phuket have to stay for quarantine at ALQ in Phuket. 

For the list of Alternate Local Quarantine (ALQ) hotels, please click

Booking for ASQ/ALQ hotels for quarantine can be made directly with the hotel of your choice or conveniently done through the websites below:



Please allow at least 5 working days for the Embassy to process your application with the following steps:

Step 1 :  Register and fill in your personal details, and upload supporting documents. The Embassy will screen and pre-approve the applicants who meet the requirements. (Please check the status of your application after 1-3 working days)

Step 2 : The applicants can check their status online if they have been pre-approved. They will be contacted by email if the Embassy requires more documents. The applicants who are pre-approved passengers can then buy flight tickets and book their ASQ hotels. Copy of ticket and ASQ hotel booking confirmation have to be uploaded in order to get the COE. (Please check the status of your application after 1-3 working days)

Step 3 : When the COE has been approved, the applicants can check their status online and click to download their COE.

Checklist for the documents each passenger need to have for going to Thailand. They must present these to the airlines and the Thai authorities.

1. Valid visa or re-entry permit, except visitors under the 45-day visa exemption scheme

2. The Certificate of Entry 

3. Fit to Fly health certificate, issued within 72 hours before departure – this is a statement by a doctor that you are free from symptoms and fit to fly (must be separate from COVID test) -- From 1 April 2021, Fit to Fly health certificate will no longer be required to go to Thailand. Other things remain the same.

4. COVID-19 test result with a laboratory result indicating that COVID -19 is not detected (COVID test must be by RT-PCR method), issued within 72 hours before departure -- Some airlines do not accept home kit tests so please check specific requirements with the airlines you are travelling with.

5. Copy of insurance policy which covers COVID and no less than 100,000 USD – please print the insurance certificate and all pages of the terms and conditions on the COVID coverage and medical benefits (some people were refused to board the flight because they could not show that their insurance meet this requirement)

6. Copy of confirmed ASQ hotel booking (or AHQ and permission from the Ministry of Public Health in case of medical treatment)

7. T.8 Form

8. Declaration form (for Thailand)

9. Download "ThailandPlus" Application

(FAQ on ThailandPlus Application)

For Thai nationals, please click here for more information.



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