How to apply for visa in person

How to apply for visa in person

28 Aug 2019

Following measures by the UK government to control the COVID-19 pandemic, visa and legalisation services will be provided only by post.  We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.  If you wish to contact the Embassy for urgent inquiries regarding visa applications, please send an email to



From 15 June 2019, visa applicants in the UK and Ireland have to apply online. 

Click to follow easy step-by-step Guideline to Thailand e-visa

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In order to access online visa application, please go to


Applicants are required to set up an account and submit visa applications as an individual, or apply through travel agencies as previously, where travel agencies will submit online applications on their behalf. However, supporting documents have to be attached and payment of visa fee in pound sterling (£) has to be made online through secured portal. There will be no refund if visa application is rejected, or applicants paid for multiple entry visa but only eligible to get single entry visa.  

Applicants can either book an appointment to submit their passports and visa applications in person at the Embassy, or submit them by post.

Please note that the Royal Thai Consulates in Cardiff, Gibraltar, Glasgow, Hull, and Liverpool in the UK, and in Dublin, Ireland, will continue to receive and process visa applications in the same way. Those who wish to apply for visa at the Royal Thai Consulates can continue to do so as usual.

When to Submit your Application (applying in person) 

**Important notice**

Please note the validity of visa and permitted length of stay below. 

If you apply for single-entry tourist visa, you can stay in Thailand up to 60 days only. The 30-day visa exemption scheme is not included in the tourist visa, and the permitted length of stay remains up to 60 days.

Visa application for countries listed below, please click here for more details.

Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Central African Republic, the Peoples Republic of China, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Ghana, Guinea, India, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine, Sao Tome and Principe, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen 

Visa application for Nigerian nationals, please click here for more details.

Visa application for Iraqi and North Korean nationals, please click here fore more details.


General requirements (effective from 15 June 2019)

1. The Embassy is open for visa application from Monday - Friday from 09.00 am - 12.00 pm. Applicants are required to submit their visa application forms and supporting documents, as well as make payment online, before booking an appointment to come to the Embassy with their passports, the printout of their visa application form with barcode, and a copy of supporting documents. The Embassy reserves the rights to request more supporting documents as necessary. 

2. Visa fee in pound sterling (£) must be paid online when submitting visa application.  There will be no refund if visa application is rejected, or applicants paid for multiple entry visa but only eligible to get single entry visa.  

Effective from 1 April 2019, the Embassy will increase visa fees in correspondence to the changes in currency exchange rate. Click here for the new fees.

3. The applicant's passport/travel document must have at least 6 month validity on the date of application for single entry visa, and at least 1 year for multiple entry visa, and has at least 2 blank pages.  Applicants must fill in online visa application with their given name(s) and surname as appear in their passports.


4. For the documents required for each type of visa, please see the visa type below. (click to read more details)


Please note: We will keep all supporting documents. If you wish to have your documents back, please do photocopy before submitting. 


  • Documents in foreign languages must be translated into English and the translation must be certified  by the relevant embassy in London.

Do not believe any agency that claims they can help you get visa and charge you excessively. If you have all supporting documents required for each type of visa, you can apply by yourself easily.



** Do not apply for a visa earlier than 3 months before your date of travel **

Passport and Visa Collection

You can check the status of your visa application by using the checking status menu on your account.  Automatically, you will get a notification email 2 days after your visa has been approved. 

If your application is successful and your visa has been approved, you can collect your passport with visa the next working day.  Collection time is between 10.00 am - 12.00 pm. 

Anyone with the receipt can collect your passport and visa on your behalf at the counter No. 3 (appointment is NOT required), or you can have your passport posted back to you with additional service fee, or bring a stamped and addressed envelope (recommended to use the postage stamps rather than a franking stamp from the post office as franking stamps can only be used on the date of purchase). 

For your convenience of services, please kindly check the Embassy's working hours and official holidays here.